4 Must-Know Safety Tips for Using Beveling Tools

4 Must-Know Safety Tips for Using Beveling Tools

December 7, 2021

4 Must-Know Safety Tips for Using Beveling Tools

Never give safety a day off, mainly if you work with industrial equipment. Working with beveling tools is no different, so follow these four must-know safety tips for using beveling tools.

Have Safety Protocols

Having rules and regulations are critical for any business to follow, specifically when it comes to safety. Without these protocols, it’s possible your company may face severe fines or even get shut down if you aren’t abiding by the policies of the Environmental, Health, and Safety departments.

Establish appropriate safety measures and follow them to the nth degree. Protocols include wearing personal protection equipment and dressing in fit attire, avoiding the aftereffects of a loose sleeve getting caught.

Don’t Push Your Tools Past Their Limits

It’s tempting to push things to the limit, no matter what you are using. To use another car analogy, some may like to put the pedal to the metal and see how it feels when your vehicle’s engine is firing on all cylinders. However, that’s asking for disaster, and so is pushing your beveling tools beyond their intended constraints.

Ignoring your tool’s specific capabilities may lead to excessive dust, flying metal debris, and toxic fumes. Thus, you’ll want to make sure your machine can handle the job before you start, and don’t try to overcompensate.

Receive Adequate Training

Whenever you operate high-powered machinery, it helps to have someone adequately train you of its safest practices. Avoiding industrial accidents is paramount, and most of them are due to shotty training efforts by those in charge.

Beveling tools have mechanisms that will protect you and others around you. But ill-trained employees may still find a way to tempt fate and cause harm, especially if they attempt something ignorant like realigning material when a stationary beveling tool is still running.

Keep Safeguards Intact

Your vehicle has seatbelts for a reason—to keep you safe. Comparably, beveling tools have safeguards in place to prevent you from putting yourself in compromising circumstances. These devices come with protective guards, ventilation systems, and protective guards to guarantee workers go home in the same condition they came in as.

Do not, under any circumstance, remove or alter these items. Even if a guard is annoying or slowing you down, it’s designed that way for a reason. Ergo, don’t try and take any shortcuts or modify a beveling tool for your convenience—it’s for your benefit.

Following these four must-know safety tips for using beveling tools gives you peace of mind when handling one. If you are looking for tube beveling equipment, check out SEC Industrial’s tips and selection. We pride ourselves on being the most trusted resource when it comes to all your industrial needs.

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