3 Reasons Your Torque Wrench Needs To Be Calibrated

3 Reasons Your Torque Wrench Needs To Be Calibrated

January 20, 2023

A torque wrench is a powerful tool that many industrial workers use to remove and install heavy-duty fasteners. The wrench works by amplifying the input force so that you don’t have to rely on your own strength to use large bolts. Discover three reasons your torque wrench needs to be calibrated.

1. All Torque Wrenches Lose Their Accuracy

Torque wrenches are amazing tools that make it much easier for people to work on heavy-duty fasteners. However, they do lose accuracy over time because of the amount of pressure they take during use. Since accuracy is so important when using a torque wrench, you should calibrate regularly to avoid any problems.

2. Inaccuracy Can Damage Equipment

One reason your torque wrench needs to be calibrated is to prevent damaging equipment. In order to use a torque wrench safely, you need to know how many foot pounds of force are needed to tighten or loosen the desired fastener.

Imagine what would happen if a mechanic didn’t use enough force to tighten a bolt on your car. Your car could break down, resulting in damage to the engine or other sensitive systems.

3. Inaccuracy Can Hurt People

If you’re using a mechanical torque wrench (as opposed to an electric one), there’s always the danger that the tool could snap if you miscalculate the force needed. This happens all the time when people use improvised torque wrenches called cheater bars. However, even a proper torque wrench can break if the calibration is off. A steel bar is a dangerous projectile to have in the workplace.

How Often Should You Recalibrate Your Torque Wrench?

It’s hard to say exactly how often you should recalibrate a torque wrench. This is because some businesses may use a torque wrench every day, while others use them only occasionally. The rule that most manufacturers give for recalibrating a torque wrench is once every 5,000 uses or once every 12 months. Use whichever standard occurs first.

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