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Flange Facing Machines

Superior’s O.D. Mount Flange Facers are the ideal machine for facing and end-prepping all types of flange surfaces. These belts driven machines use adjustable cam tensioners driven with a pneumatic motor, producing precise and repeatable results. The slide and compound are guided by a precision ball screw and linear rails resulting in a rigid system with exceptionally smooth travel

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Portable Shaft Lathes

SPR’s Inline Turning Lathes are the perfect tool for onsite resurfacing of large shafts, stub shafts and bearing journals/seats, requiring little disassembly or costly relocation of equipment. These portable shaft lathes machines run on precision linear guide bearings and are driven by two lead screws for balanced feeding. Both feed and rotation are hydraulically driven with continuous speed control and are independently adjustable while in use.

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Rotary Milling Machines

The rotary milling machines or the RMM-66 performs face milling, single point machining and grinding applications while accurately traveling on a circular profile using a heavy-duty ring gear to maintain rigidity. Both feed and rotation are hydraulically driven with continuous speed control and are independently adjustable while in use.

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Heat Exchanger Mills

SPR’s heat exchanger mill is designed to machine pass partitions and pass grooves on tube heat exchangers with the goal of reducing weight without sacrificing performance. The lightweight design allows the user to set up and align the mill more efficiently than the heavier linear/fly cutting mills commonly used for exchanger applications.

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Portable Flange Facer

SEC Industrial Inc. offers ID Mount Flange Facers that are compact, lightweight, and cost effective. These versatile portable flange facer machines are effortless to set up, have a bi-directional feed, and an optional beveling head that is easily connected. Once set up, they are easy to operate and use. Our ID Flange Machine comes with tools and supplies for setup and operation of the machine. The powerful pneumatic motor comes with a filter, lubricator, and flow control.

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Pipe Plugs For Welding

At SEC Industrial Inc., we have a variety of test and isolation products such as our pipe plugs for welding. These test and isolation products are great for field repair and any modifications that need to be made. We have the Gripper types of tools which are designed to provide an isolation barrier on localized field repair. Our next equipment product is the Small Bore.

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3-D Pipe Cutting Machines

Innovative technologies, intelligent software, robust construction and modern design are the four cornerstones of our machine manufacturing activities in the USA and Germany.
At our American location in Puyallup (near Seattle), we produce 3D profile cutting machines for round pipes, tanks, dished-ends, square and rectangular pipes and steel.

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