3 Different Types of Torque Wrenches for Your Toolbox

3 Different Types of Torque Wrenches for Your Toolbox

August 4, 2022

To be prepared for future jobs, it is important to have various tools that allow you to operate without any qualms. While you may have plenty of useful tools at the moment, it is good to be aware of some different devices that you potentially haven’t heard of before. These are three different torque wrenches for your toolbox to consider bringing out on the next job.

Electronic Torque Wrench

When it comes to accuracy, electronic torque wrenches are ideal for providing you with an exact measurement of the amount of force you are using. This wrench provides information via an LED screen, so you can confidently ensure a bolt is secure with an exact measurement rather than a guess. These wrenches are worth their price for industries requiring precision.

Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Occasionally, the bolts mechanics deal with are too large for traditional torque wrenches to handle. At the same time, it isn’t easy to tighten large industrial bolts by hand. For this reason, a high-torque hydraulic wrench is ideal for applying a specific amount of torque to a bolt until it is secure. For jobs or work areas that require these specifications, a hydraulic torque wrench is a necessity that will surely help you out.

Split-Beam Torque Wrench

Beam torque wrenches are the perfect tool for many automotive workers who rely on precision when securing bolts. The last thing anyone wants when putting a car back together is to strip the metal off the bolts of different parts. Certain details boil down to the force necessary to secure a part, so a split-beam torque wrench is a great option for anyone aiming to avoid over-tightening a bolt while working.

Torque wrenches are amazingly diverse in their applications and afford workers a number of benefits in the workplace. From ease of use to accuracy during the job, it is no wonder they are widely used in various fields. Hopefully, knowing about these three different types of torque wrenches for your toolbox grows your tool collection or instills confidence in what you currently use at work.

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