Automated TIG Welder

TIG welding, also known as tungsten inert gas welding, is a fusion process used to complete welds on thin or delicate metals. Suitable for manual and automatic mechanical procedures, this specific type of weld offers various industrial applications. The most critical applications of a TIG welding machine are those involving pipe and pipeline welding work. Several additional industries—including aerospace and aviation—efficiently use TIG to join together notably thin or electrically resistant materials.

Due to its gentle approach that provides superior accuracy and precision, a TIG welding technique is popular for use on sites where the appearance of a completed weld is essential. Utilizing a non-consumable tungsten electrode to create its electric arc, an automated TIG welder allows an operator to start and softly stop a welding process as needed. This feature is the key differentiator between a TIG weld and other commonly used electrical welds, such as stick or MIG. Skilled welders know and appreciate the full functionality of a TIG welding machine to complete an assortment of complex or intricate projects in their field.

Common Parts of a TIG Welding Machine
  • A power source
  • A grounding cable or work lead
  • A TIG torch with a small Tungsten rod
  • A shielding gas tank or gas network interface
  • A liquid cooling unit

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We carry TIG welding systems in our inventory that are designed to meet the most crucial welding requirements and specifications, allowing operators to gain complete control over their welds. SEC has the right resources to meet your specialty welding applications and establish a high-quality, durable, clean, and sound weld. If your business seeks reliability above all, our collection of automated products won’t let you down. Contact our expert team with any questions about machine specifications, quotes, or compatible automated TIG welder products.

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